Some of you might be wondering…

By | March 16, 2009

…what inspired this little bundle in the first place (besides the obvious)?

About a year ago, we had a couple missionaries our church supports from Russia visit the states. They needed a place to stay for a month, so we thought (sarcastically) that our 300 sf. Venice apartment would be the perfect place. Since most apartments in Russia are about that size with large families living in them, it actually did work out perfectly.

It reminded me of living with my roommate at college (“as iron sharpens iron…”), only we were two couples doing the same. I got to hear about Christians in a part of the world so different from our own.

I could probably write on the subject for hours, but more to the point, their story was that they were married at 18/19, and had their first at 20/21. Talk about ambitious! Svetlana was a chemistry major finishing up her degree in Russia (which, as far as I know, is a much more intense program than the undergraduate program here in the states). Their closing thought on the matter was: “It was the hardest thing we had ever done, and in the thick of it we wondered if we did the right thing. Now, a decade later, we wish we could have started sooner and had  more (they have 3, and have just adopted 1).”

I’ve made a little pact with myself to find the things people say they wish they had done earlier in their lives, and that little line really did it for me and Rebecca.

Sergei, Svetlana, and Family

Sergei, Svetlana, and Family

I know you’re all waiting for more baby pictures, and I have a big pile to upload. They’re coming soon.

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thehubbardscubbard on March 16, 2009 at 4:56 pm.

My parents say the same!!! Congrats!!!

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