First Week

By | March 5, 2009

What a ride! I could probably write for pages on what the last few days were like. She was very sleepy the first few days; so much so that when we slept through our alarm clock for a night feeding, she just kept on sleeping.

Well, that changed about day 3. She definitely started letting us know when she ws hungry in the middle of the night. Feeding’s been a challenge, so our doctor sent us to a specialist who absolutely worked wonders. She’s now feeding really well and is a lot happier (although the dreaded wet wipe is her fiercest foe).

We started putting her on a eat-awake-sleep cycle right from the beginning. Although the lengths have been varying, she seems to be finding a common duration now.

Right now, I can’t believe we’re actually pulling it off. I was overjoyed when I found something to stop her crying (she likes being rocked up and down), and we were thrilled when we could get her to feed well.

OK, that’s the short summary. I taught a few hours on Tuesday, and Rebecca taught an hour yesterday. I’ve got full days the next three days, so it seems our new life is starting.

Check back soon, I’m sure I’ll post more shortly.

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Yulia on March 7, 2009 at 4:02 am.

I am very proud of both of you!!! well done!

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