…And What A Wild New Year It Was

By | February 22, 2013

Well that’s an understatement. As I started writing this post I visited our first post in January 2012. Funny, I failed to mention that we started off 2012 with the stomach flu. We seem to have a funny record of taking an arrow to the knee in the beginning of the year. We started January 2011 with food poisoning. This year was no exception: within a few days I was attacked by a dog and sustained a nice leg injury to start off my new year. I’ll spare everyone the gory pictures.


Other than that though, it’s been a fun month and a half of 2013. We’ve gotten tons of family time in to make up for the pile that December was. A trip to San Diego, days in the park, and a nice resumption of our normal lives.


I sent Rebecca away on her own little retreat to Santa Barbara last week, and we also had a terrifically fun Valentines Day. On top of it all, Matt and Amy and the kiddos came back from Ecuador last month and we’ve been having a terrific time hanging out with family that we’ve seen only very little of in the past few years. Needless to say, there have been lots of princess parties.


We had to go back to square 1 with the house search, unfortunately. Still looking for our new home!

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