Practice – Studying, and Sharing

By | February 7, 2013

I find it amusing that I’m writing this post just after giving a lecture to an incoming student about the importance about independent learning.

When I first started our “learning time” with Eva, it was so easy to manage and give Eva all the attention and cover all the material she needed. Now, as she’s getting older and starting with science and history, I find the time requirements for the review material alone are becoming overbearing. So it’s time to start teaching her to maintain her skills on her own.

Part of her learning time includes a “practice” section. Things that she practices on her own (in other words). This includes piano, some studying, and some chores. This is her current study routine:

Trace a letter 8 times, read 6 flash cards, and read 4 pages of (what we call) a level-one book.

(enjoy the little clip of her studying…in her Princess Ariel costume while waiting for dinner)

On the parenting front, we’ve been making some good headway establishing their playtime etiquette with each other. The girls spend 30 minutes daily playing unsupervised in their room, and we’re transitioning Sofia out of the pack-and-play. It’s a dangerous combination. We’re trying not to legislate too much, but we’ve come up with 1 rule that seems to help tremendously:

If Child A is playing with a toy, child B may ask for it. Child A is not obligated to share and may refuse. Child B must wait until Child A is finished with the toy to play with it. It’s worked wonders. We’ve tried to keep that the only rule; so far so good.

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