Reading – Flash Cards and Stories

By | January 19, 2013

About time for a learning time update. I thought I’d share some of our reading regimen this time, and share the three-tiered system we’ve come up with for Eva.

Level 1 books are simple 2 and 3 letter completely phonetic words: MOX IS IN A BOX (etc).

Level 2 books are still written entirely in capitals, but start to use short, non-phonetic words: THE BLACK CAT IS SO SOFT. We learn things like vowel combinations (OO), consonant combinations (TH), etc.

Level 3 books contain longer, even less phonetic words, and use lower-case letters: The messy turkeys need to clean their rooms.

We found a set of Scholastic books for level 1, and I wrote out and (roughly) illustrated the level 2 and 3 books. I’ll have to do a completely different post on the actual books themselves.

We made a full set of flash cards from the vocabulary in each book, and a couple times a week, Eva has to read them so she can practice reading each word independently and rely lesson on memorizing the story.

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