Baby Solfege and Perfect Pitch

By | October 2, 2012

Hey look, I actually posted a week later like I said I would! OK, enough of that. Before I get to the learning time video, I wanted to share something I caught Rebecca doing with Eva last week.

Eva, with her many strengths and weaknesses, has run up against frustration as of late. It rears its head when Lego towers collapse, when things fall out of her basket, or her sister pulls a “Godzilla” on one of her creations. While we’ve worked on suppressing inappropriate expressions of frustration such as yelling, screeching, or angrily striking the nearest object (which, to her own horror, happened to be Mommy at some point this week), Rebecca recognized that she needed an appropriate outlet for her frustration (seeing as she’s not old enough to take it out on a heavy bag). I think the incident went something like this:

*Eva spills flowers out of her basket and grunts in frustration*
Rebecca: Eva, why did you make that sound?
Eva: I don’t know.
R: Were you frustrated?
E: Yeah.
R: How about when you’re frustrated you just say, “I’m frustrated,” and then you can see what you can do about it.
E: Mommy, I’m frustrated.
R: OK. What can you do about it?
E: I can pick up my flowers.
R: OK, go ahead sweetie.
E: OK! *proceeds to happily pick up her flowers*

So good. On to the learning time:

When I audition very young students and they’re accepted into my studio, I send them home and tell them they can start reciting the music alphabet forwards and backwards. Wanting to practice what I preach, I incorporated that into our morning learning time. The “memory review” portion of music at the table includes the music alphabet, and solfeging (reading and singing the notes to a piece of music). Little by little, this is also training perfect pitch. This is a very easy activity that even little ones (like Sofie) can do. Enjoy (sorry about the “gold-diggin”)!


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