Math and Breakfast

By | September 26, 2012

As fun as it’s been to post cute pictures of my wife and kids here, I’ve been thinking this blog needs a better use. We’ve always really appreciated great parenting, educational, and family ideas. Many have come from blogs where people share their personal experiences and I thought we should start something of the same.

So…I’ll try to post approximately weekly and share all things parenting, educational, and family.

I thought I’d kick it off by sharing a little of our “learning time” routine. We started an abridged version of this with Eva when she turned 2 (which I will share later since Sofia’s just about to turn two). But it just became a fun time to get the kids’ gears turning. Eva goes through a little routine of math, reading, writing, music, and scripture memorization. We started it very young, so Eva probably doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t do it. Still, I think starting small and building on it would work for any age. For the greater majority, we keep it fun (although it can get challenging periodically).

In this video, we caught the end of a little bit of the music work. She then recites her 1+ addition tables (which Sofia has already memorized), and then we work on 2+ and 3+. The point of sharing this one is to show that mealtime is a great time to review some of the things the kids are supposed to know by memory. It can be quick and fun.

I have a little chart of what I want her to accomplish this year (which we’ve modified as we’ve went along). I’ll also share that later.


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