By | December 21, 2013

So what do I do while waiting in a hospital room for my wife and newborn son [sic] to recover enough to come home? Hmm…I think there’s this online journal (oh look, it’s still here) I used to update somewhere in the distant past.

Good a time as any to do a family update.

I think this blog post (and year) is sponsored by the word “sustainability.” Turns out you can’t just leave the afterburners on and not expect to hear “bingo.” So we buckle up and take our medicine: a year of sustainability. Synopsis:

We round out our year recouping at the Kappens while we attempt (and for better or worse) do not succeed at purchasing a home. The only thing better than dropping out of escrow is dropping out of escrow thrice. Watch out housing market, we’ve got our eye on you…



We move into a home near our (my) dream area, at the base of Mount Boney in Newbury Park. The view out of our front door is spectacular. We have a yard for the kids for the first time in our lives. A garage (schwat?) and our own washer and dryer. Life gets better.

The view from our place

The view from our place

I’m proud to say the kids have had the good end of the stick this year. I’m just bursting with pride with how well they’re both doing in the schooling and in their own development. I could list all the good stuff for days on end. But maybe I’ll put up a picture here and there instead.

The incredible women in my life

The incredible women in my life

To be honest, I went into the year as imbalanced as I could be. Working way too much, and spending too much of my free time on other work or vegetative activities (don’t get me wrong, I won’t miss an episode of Sherlock when it comes out; but following 4 shows is a different story). And then I randomly searched “Triathlon Club” on Google. Nothing will cut the junk out of your life like an activity that demands you stay in shape. I’ve emerged healthier mentally and physically. And a bit more re-balanced when it comes to artistic/commercial endeavors.

Carp Tri

Carp Tri

And of course, the final major update is that little Michael Alexander Tseitlin has been in the oven (and has popped out oh-so-recently). This delivery has been a bit more complicated than the last few. Pictures coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s (the majority of) a year in pictures…

Up On Stage

By | April 3, 2013

I wonder when Eva will start to approach that piano on stage with some trepidation. I though last week she might just do that as I walked behind her to help her through her first performance with both hands. That walk to the stage turned into a skip about 4 steps into it…

Proud of our big girl. Staying focused and making it through one line of Mary Had A Little Lamb, and getting through London Bridge like a boss. Few more months of Nursery Rhymes; we’re looking forward to having some Bach in our house soon.

Music – Settling In With Both Hands

By | March 19, 2013

Alright, I don’t think I can avoid it any longer: it’s time to blog about music with Eva.

One of the first things Rebecca and I talked about is not being “those parents.” You know, the musicians who spend every waking moment trying to make a musician out of their kid.

So we wanted to make sure that music didn’t get more attention than any other area of study. We practice at home 3 to 4 times a week, and she has a weekly lesson with my senior teaching assistant at our Conejo Valley campus.

I suppose when I look at it, her music situation is pretty ideal: daddy works on the front end, introducing new material. Mommy drills and makes sure she’s understanding everything everything and all the connections are made. Miss Julia keeps her balanced in the curriculum.

All in all, we’re proud of our little kiddo. She’s settling in well to playing with both hands. This video is a couple of weeks old; now she’s getting through Mary Had A Little Lamb pretty easily and London Bridge as well.

It was also way harder than I thought to do a 2-handed practice while video-recording it. Anyway, here’s a snippet of our practice. Also, I swear…one of these days we’ll make a video where she doesn’t pick her nose. It’s some kind of involuntary reaction to being on camera.